GUITARMANIC doesn’t mean the same what the word ‘guitarmaniac’ means. It’s an adjective consisted of two words: guitar – which is a name of special musical instrument and manic – which is synonymous to euphoric, obsessive, determined. This word is the only suitable term to describe an unshakeable belief in idea of creating modern guitar school called GUITARMANIC. This word was created by Daniel Kesler – the founder of professional guitar school where everyone –regardless of age and music preferences- can improve guitar skills and take care of musical hobby. GUITARMANIC was founded in Autumn 2010. The first headquarters of school was a little neglected basement in Grzegorzki – district of Cracow, where just few students were practicing. A rapid school development has resulted in a number of positive changes such as new, presentable headquarters in the centre of Cracow, an engagement of new guitar teachers and a lot of new students.



Guitarmanic teachers value three key traits: diligence, patience and individuality. These values reflect general principles of pedagogical approach, the quality of training program and mission of building the guitar community uniting real guitarmaniacs. With that in mind, Guitarmanic school regularly organizes guitar workshops and concerts promoting our students and also some special guests (guitar virtuosos) performances. Guitarmanic teachers are well-qualified and experienced musicians involved in various musical projects. 



In the near and further future Guitarmanic is going to continue its policy of looking for new music business partners and take care of maintaining previous contacts and relationships. Our main goal is to set up branch Guitarmanic offices – centres of guitar culture in Poland. Integrity, dedication and open mind – typical of Guitarmanic founder – guarantee the fruitful cooperation.